Why Use Us for Fire Retrofit Services?

It can be very stressful and overwhelming for landlords to keep up with their properties.

By coming to us we make sure they are happy at all times; from when we take the permit, to the end.

Our team strives for perfection and make sure everything is always done on time.

Don't be surprised when you go to sell your property!

The Fire Retrofit is required by law and will be enforced by banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies.

Also, if you are requiring a claim with your insurance and are not in compliance with the fire code, you may be declined.

8 out of 10 cases have ended up in court and some in bankruptcy.

Don't be a statistic

By using our services you will also benefit from our network of low rate insurance companies.

Also take advantage of our monitoring services for your home, whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial we do it all at a very low rate.

As we like to say “One Call Does it All!” 

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